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This week I sent out the first issue of my amigurumi newsletter! Inspired by Abby Glassenberg, who often promotes the values of having an email newsletter, I decided to take the plunge and make one for myself.

Previously, there wasn’t a newsletter out there that was completely dedicated to the art of amigurumi, so I felt I needed to remedy this for all the ami fans out there 🙂

Right now I send it out every other week, but this may change to weekly once I have a few more issues under my belt and have built up my audience more.

What will you find in my newsletters? All things ami related! I include highlights from my blog posts, give updates on what is going on with hookabee, then share a number of links of things I have found across the web related to amigurumi.  These could be interviews of other ami designers (podcast episodes or blog articles), current crochet-alongs involving amis, new techniques for making amis, a look at tools/yarn/notions that are great for amis, as well as some finds related to the business side of amigurumi (selling patterns or finished items).

Amigurumi quick tip

Each newsletter also includes a quick tip for making your amis, or a tip about photographing and sharing your finished creations.

My favourite part of the newsletter? An interview with a fellow amigurumi maker. Each issue I reach out to an ami crocheter or knitter and ask them questions about themselves, as well as why they love making amigurumi and what their favourite tools and yarn are when making them. It is so fun to connect with a new person each newsletter and learn more about them. While we are all connected in our love of making amis, we are all so different! This issue I interviewed Dominique, a 24 year-old from Belgium. She sounds so sweet – I would love to meet her in person 🙂

I also plan to have a caption contest each issue, which readers can enter for a chance to win a great coupon for a hookabee pattern. So far I have only received one response for the current contest, so there is a good chance of winning if you enter! Just find the link within the newsletter.

Finally, at the end of each newsletter there is a short editorial from me, plus a fun little fact about myself.

If you missed the first issue you can read it HERE, and if you want to sign up for all future issues, you can do so HERE. If you like it, forward it to a friend! If you have comments, critiques or an idea for something else you would like to see, let me know.

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5 thoughts on “An amigurumi email newsletter

  1. Very creative of you….I guess you must spend a lot of time online looking up your info! I do admire you, my daughter! Hélène :o)


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