Closing amigurumi pieces neatly

How to close amigurumi pieces neatly by @hookabeeSo you have just finished the last round of your amigurumi’s body, which has 6 stitches total, and you are left with a little hole – what do you do now? There are several techniques for finishing off and closing your ami piece, but I have a favourite. It is simple and creates a nice, neat finish, so I encourage you to try it out if you haven’t already.

I first learned this method from June Gilbank of Planet June (love her work!), but her method is for amigurumi that are crocheted through both loops, and I make my amis by working through the back loop only. In order to keep those front loops free and visible for the last round, just like the rest of the piece, I adapted June’s method so it works for pieces that are made through the back loop only.

Steps for closing back loop only pieces for amigurumi:

  1. Fasten off by cutting the yarn about 6 inches away from your piece. Pull at the working loop (the loop currently on your hook) until the end of the yarn is pulled all the way through.Closing amigurumi neatly by @hookabee
  2. Thread the yarn end into a yarn needle.
  3. Working from the inside (center) of the piece to the outside, bring your needle under the back loop only of the next stitch (ie. the first stitch of the last round).Closing amigurumi neatly by @hookabee
  4. Repeat the last step for each of the remaining stitches in the last round (normally 5 more stitches), making sure you are working from the inside to the outside and under the back loop only.
  5. Pull the yarn end to tighten and close the hole.Closing amigurumi neatly by @hookabee
  6. Insert the needle back into the piece, through the center of the hole you just tightened, and bring it back out of the piece somewhere else on the body.Closing amigurumi neatly by @hookabee
  7. Finally, pull on the yarn end slightly and cut it at the surface of the piece. The yarn end will be ‘sucked’ back into the piece and disappear.Closing amigurumi neatly by @hookabee

I have created a video of the technique if you want to see the steps in action.

And that is it! So simple, eh? And so neat and effective! Thank you June 🙂 If you want to see more amigurumi tutorials, head on over to my tutorials page HERE.

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