An infinity scarf for my best friend

While calling a friend your “best friend” in your 30s may be a little juvenile, when that friend has been with you since kindergarten and you have been calling them your bestie since you were 5, it kind of sticks!  We haven’t always lived in the same city (or even the same country), but we have always remained close friends, so I still call her my bff.

This past Christmas we gave each other the same gift: a scarf!  My friend bought her gift from a local Canadian artist at the One of A Kind Show in Toronto, a huge show for handmade products that I have been wanting to go to for the longest time but haven’t managed to yet.  The scarf is from the Montreal company Noujica, who makes sustainable fashion accessories.

Noujica scarfAll their products are made locally and with recycled and organic materials.  I love, love, love the scarf.  It is super soft.   I often wear it indoors on freezing cold days like today.

For my friend’s gift, I crocheted an infinity scarf.  Before Christmas I was scouring the web for patterns when I came across the free chunky circle scarf pattern designed by Lindsi on her blog People Webs.  I loved how it was big and full, yet still had an intricate pattern.crochet chunky circle scarf

The pattern did take some trial and error before I had it right, but once I got the hang of the sequence of stitches it worked up quickly.  I used two strands of Caron simply soft (autumn red #9730) as suggested in the pattern and it came out beautiful and cozy soft.  I had never used Caron simply soft before, but I think I will again!crochet chunky circle scarfIt is also super warm, as I found out while trying it on for a photo shoot in the woods. I will definitely be keeping this pattern in my library for the future –  I am tempted to make one for myself!

crochet chunky circle scarf

While re-reading this post I realized that for both scarves I thought it was very important to mention their softness, and it reminded me of what my best friend said to me once.  Whenever we were shopping together, she noticed I would have to feel all the clothes before I even thought of trying them on.  I would wander through the stores touching everything!  I guess texture and the feel of something is very important to me.  I do find I gravitate towards yarns that are super soft.  I also do a lot of touching in yarn stores 😉

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