Andy the Sheep Amigurumi Pattern

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Inspired by the fun bobbles of Bill the Pineapple and Meg the Raspberry, I thought it was about time I designed a sheep! Meet Andy:

Andy the Sheep amigurumi crochet pattern by @hookabee

I absolutely love this guy. The photos really don’t do him justice – he is ridiculously cute. Those ears! When I think of sheep, I think of round fluffy bodies, long faces, and big ears, and I think Andy captures all of these well.

I made him using my go to acrylic yarn, but I can’t wait to make him in pure natural woolly wool – the kind of wool you may not want around your neck, but is perfect for a little sheepy like this guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have a whole herd of them soon!

You can find out more about the pattern and purchase it HERE. Can’t wait to see all your sheepies!

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