New Amigurumi Pattern: Filip the Horse

I know it is hard to believe, but I have a new pattern out! Meet Filip the Horse:

Filip the Horse Amigurumi by hookabee crochet

His head and body are all one piece, so all you need to attach are his legs and ears, plus hook in some hair (which is easy!). If you are like me, the fewer pieces you need to attach, the better.

Filip the Horse amigurumi by hookabee crochet

His snout and hooves are crocheted through both loops, while the rest of the body is through the back loops only, giving him different textures. This also adds some variety while crocheting! Have fun playing around with differerent colours for these sections (maybe a different coloured muzzle?? cute!), as well as the mane and tail.

Filip the Horse amigurumi by hookabee crochet

As always, the pattern has detailed instructions with step-by-step photos, and you can always email me with any questions you may have.

Check out his pattern page for more photos, details and ways to purchase.

Filip the Horse amigurumi by hookabee crochet

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Ami-Along 2018


It’s that time of year again! This will be the the 4th annual summer ami-along and I am one of the participating designers this year. If you are new to the ami-along, basically it is a crochet and knitting event in which everyone who joins in makes amigurumi from the participating designers during the summer. This year there are 18 different designers taking part – so I am sure you will find something to make!

It all takes place on ravelry, so join the group, check out the patterns you can use by browsing the group’s pattern bundle, and get ready! One of the best parts? All the patterns, from all designers, will be on sale (25% off) starting before the event (June 25-July 8), so you have time to prepare. PLUS there are prizes. I will be giving away one of my handmade project bags.

I plan to make some little foods by Alyssa of Monster’s Toy Box (learn more about her in this interview!). I will start with her healthy snacks, and then move on to the garden (veggie) snacks. If I have time I will also make her munchie monster to eat them all! I just love these patterns. I have made some of them before for my neice and nephew (see photos below), but this time they will be for my son!


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*NEW* hookabee Project Bags

I am now selling handmade crochet and knitting project bags in my Etsy shop! I am very excited to finally be making these because they have been in the works for a long time.

Designing these bags has been fun, but also a challenge, because I wanted them to be the ideal bags for knitting or crochet projects in progress. There are so many great bag makers already, all with beautiful and cute fabrics, so I wanted to offer something that was a little more unique and different.

The main feature of these bags is that they close using snaps.  This allows your yarn to feed through the top of the bag while it is closed, preventing your yarn from accidentally jumping out or rolling away while you are on the go. The snaps are also great for colourwork because each colour of yarn can come out of a different section on the top, keeping them separate.

I prefer the snaps as a closing method over a zipper because your yarn won’t snag on the zipper teeth. Plus, you can easily fold the top of the bag down and turn it into a yarn bowl, which isn’t as smooth or nice looking with a zipper.

I also prefer snaps over a drawstring closure because the top won’t all cinch in and squish the needles and/or hooks you have inside. Snaps also avoid those long dangling strings you are left with when you close a drawstring bag.

And if you are wondering whether all your little notions and bits and bobs will fall out between the snaps, you don’t have to worry because I added a zippered pocket on the outside of the bag! I chose to have the pocket on the outside for easy access and so yarn won’t snag on the zipper pull.

The bags also have a thick cotton handle that can be used to grab onto when on the go, or hang over your arm if you like to crochet or knit while walking or standing (the snaps also make this super easy!).

One of my favourite parts of making these bags is choosing the fabrics. I use high quality cotton fabrics, both inside and out.  Each is lined with a light natural cotton colour so you can easily see what’s inside. For the outside I most often choose cute fabrics, because cute is my thing, but there are also some gorgeous fabrics out there that I can’t wait to use.

At the moment I also have special edition bags made using fabric from an old fabric mill in my local city, Lowell, MA. The fabric is a reproduction of the fabric once made at Boott Cotton Mills until it closed in 1954. The museum at the mills has restored Draper Model E looms from 1913 that are now used to make this fabulous fabric.

I have two sizes for the bags, a small which is great for a 1 skein project (or a tight fit for 2), such as socks, mittens, a hat, or a small shawl or cowl (or amigurumi!). The large bag works well for a 2-3 skein project, such as a shawl, cowl, baby/kids clothes, or mitten and hat sets (or amigurumi!).

If you check out my shop, you will also see there are matching notions pouches! I have two different zippered pouches available, one that is smaller and one that is longer (ideal for needles and hooks). They use the same natural cotton fabric that the bags do so they all go nicely together.

I really hope you enjoy these bags as much as I loved designing and making them. They have been a joy to create and I can’t wait to make more!

Until next time,