The hookabee video podcast

I have been away for a bit, but I am back! I moved to the US in the new year and didn’t have a work permit (I am Canadian), but that is all settled now and I am back in action. While I was “away”, however, I started up a video podcast on my YouTube channel. There are already 6 episodes for you to binge watch (or casually watch when you have the time).

There isn’t a lot of hookabee content in them yet, but that will change now that I am back in business. Mostly, I talk about my knitting, crochet, and sewing adventures that I get up to during my spare time.

There also hasn’t been a new episode in a few months due to crazyness in my personal life, but I am planning to film one asap. Unfortunately, the online video editor I was using previously does not exist anymore, so I need to find an alternative, which may delay things a bit – but I have some ideas!

I hope you enjoy getting to know me and my crafts!

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2016 Donations from Bill the Pineapple

2016 Bill the Pineapple amigurumi donation

Thank you to everyone who purchased a Bill the Pineapple pattern this year – I was able to donate over $1330 to the charity Support Education Togo. That is amazing! So many children in Togo, Africa will benefit from your support.

Want to learn more about the charity? Visit and learn how your money is going towards building schools so more children have the opportunity to be educated in a safe environment. My father started the charity himself, so I know it is one that can be trusted and ALL the money donated goes to help the students in Togo.

Happy new year!

Until next time,

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Meet Tod and Dot – a pair of bears!

new pattern! titleI would like to introduce to you my latest pattern release: Tod and Dot the bears! Named by my husband, Tod is the tall one and Dot is the round one.

Tod and Dot the bears amigurumi pattern

I started off making Tod (who was then nameless), but then I felt he needed a little tubby friend. My hubby then came up with the names Tod and Dot and I knew right away that it was the perfect fit.

I will admit, these two have been sitting on my desk for some time now because life has made their release a little more delayed than usual, but they have been keeping us company, watching our every move. Every once in a while my husband or I will randomly say “Hello Tod and Dot!” when we notice them staring. They make us smile!

Learn all about the pattern on the Tod and Dot pattern page. Can’t wait to see all the bears pop up!

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