Amigurumi Tech Editing

Are you an amigurumi designer?

Do you want to release a fantastic pattern that your customers love to crochet because it is clear and easy to follow? Ask me about pattern tech editing for your next pattern.

What do I do as a tech editor?

Edit errors

I will go through your pattern, line by line, and make sure it is free from math and grammatical errors. Do your stitch counts add up correctly? Did you convert yards to meters properly? Are all words spelled correctly? Is that comma supposed to be there? I will check everything!

Look for inconsistencies

I love making sure a pattern is consistent throughout. I pick up on differences in abbreviations, line spacing, capitalization of letters, wording of repeating pattern instructions, etc. Want a pattern that is professional and polished? It needs to be consistent.

Make sure the pattern is clear

The most important aspect of a pattern is that it is clear and easy to follow. The crocheter buying your pattern wants to be able to make your design with ease, and not have to contact you with questions (wasting both their and your time). I will read through all the instructions in your pattern and make sure everything is easy to follow.

Let your style and voice shine

Even with all these edits and changes, I will still make sure your own voice is present throughout your pattern. Re-writing the pattern to fit my own style is NOT what tech editing is about. It will always be your pattern!

Patterns that have been tech edited will lead to more repeat buyers because they will be a joy to crochet.

Why choose me?

I have been designing amigurumi patterns since 2014. They are my first love and continue to bring me so much joy. With a background in science (Masters in Biology), I have experience working with numbers and writing clearly and concisely. I have also taken the Learn To Tech Edit Crochet course from The Tech Editor Hub. Most of all, I really want to help other designers create patterns they feel proud of and can confidently release out into the world.

Let’s work together – Message me below to get started: