Amigurumi tutorials:

How to read amigurumi patterns:     part 1     part 2     part 3

Both loops vs. back loop only:     photo

Magic ring:      photo     video

How to stuff:    photo

Clean colour changes:    photo       video

Closing to finish neatly:    photo      video

Invisible finish stitch for open pieces:    photo

Joining limbs seamlessly in continuous rounds (Tod & Dot the bears):   video

Bobble stitch for amigurumi:    video

Narrow pieces:      photo      video

Preventing increase and decrease lines:      photo

Stitch markers series:      Introduction      Uses:   1&2     3&4    5&6    7&8

Joined Rounds:

Joined rounds:     photo    video

Stripes and colour changes in joined rounds:    photo    video

Joining legs together in joined rounds (Felix the elf):     video



Other tutorials:

How to hand-dye yarn:     Sun     Slow-cooker    Stove-top    Microwave

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