Shrinking your amigurumi

I recently received a wonderful review for my big Bobby the bumble bee pattern from a fellow amigurumi designer, Mevlinn Gusick (you should check out her great work!):

This pattern was so easy to understand, the instructions for attaching the limbs could easily be the most detailed I have ever seen. The best part is how the pattern was originally created for worsted weight yarn and can make a bee up to 12 inches long but I used fingering weight yarn and ended up with this adorable mini bee instead.

Isn’t he cute! I was so delighted to see big Bobby in little form 🙂 All Mevlinn did to create this mini bee was use a finer weight yarn and a smaller hook – Bobby shrunk from being a foot long to being able to fit in her hand!

To create the big 12 inch Bobby you need to use worsted weight yarn and a 4 mm hook, but Mevlinn used fingering weight yarn and a 2.25 mm hook to make her smaller bee.

You can apply this technique to any amigurumi pattern to create mini versions of the original ami – simply use a finer yarn and smaller hook than the pattern calls for!

You can of course apply the same principles to make a bigger amigurumi, too. If you use a bulkier yarn and a larger hook than the pattern describes, you will make a larger ami.

In the images below you can see just how much of an effect yarn weight and hook size has on the size of a finished piece:The effects of hook and yarn size on finished amigurumi sizeBoth the circles above are the same in terms of number of rounds and stitches, but the green circle on the left is made using a bulkier weight yarn and a 5 mm hook, while the blue circle on the right is made with a finer weight yarn and a 3.25 mm hook.

Give it a go and experiment with different yarn weights and hook sizes using your favourite amigurumi patterns – you can create whole families of amis with little babies and big papas.

Not a fan of fingering weight yarn and tiny hooks but still want a little Bobby? You can always use my little bobby the bumble pattern, which still uses worsted weight yarn 🙂

Little Bobby the bumble bee amigurumi crochet pattern by @hookabee crochet ( #crochet #amigurumi #bumblebee #bee #pattern #stuffedanimal


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