New monkey amigurumi pattern and CAL

Monkey amigurumi CAL by hookabee

I released a new pattern today – and I am hosting a CAL to celebrate! Following the Chinese calendar, on February 8th the year of the monkey begins, so I designed a new little monkey pattern:

Tiao Pi the Monkey amigurumi pattern by @hookabee

I didn’t know what I wanted to name this guy, so I sought out the help of some cute kids living in China. My sister teaches English online and she asked her Chinese students for some advice on naming him. What did they choose? Tiao Pi the Monkey (the ‘pi’ is pronounced ‘pee’, so it rhymes with monkey!). This means “rascally”, “mischievous”, or “naughty”- quite suitable for a monkey, I thought! Just one student didn’t like the name…because he had been called Tiao Pi before!

I find it fascinating to learn more about Chinese horoscopes – you can learn more about the year of the monkey (or look up your own year!) here: Year of the Monkey

Tiao Pi the Monkey amigurumi pattern by @hookabee

Starting today, I am hosting a new CAL that is all monkeys! It runs until the new Chinese year starts, February 8th, so you can crochet up a collection of monkeys before it begins.

Follow the pattern as written (cutie!), or have fun experimenting and adjusting it to make some unique monkeys that are all your own.  Add a smile (or smirk!), stitch in a nose, make the arms and legs long and gangly – there are so many possibilities! I am going to make a blue monkey – one of the lucky colours for the year!

For the first two weeks of the CAL you can get the pattern 25% off – just head on over to the CAL thread in the hookabee ravelry group for the coupon code (note: it only works in my ravelry shop).

Just like last time there will be prizes and everyone who participates will get a chance to win. Each monkey you make is an entry into the draw for prizes. The top prize is a hookabee pattern of your choice PLUS a beautiful handmade hook by Krystle of HeartSprinkle! She is designing a hook specifically for this CAL, so it will be a real treat. On top of this prize, I will be awarding two other lucky winners hookabee patterns.

So join in for your chance to win, and for some fun making monkeys with fellow ami makers! I am excited to see everyone’s creations.  Join the CAL here: Year of the Monkey CAL

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