Designer Interview: Melissa of Melissa’s Crochet Patterns

amigurumi designer Interview MelissaNow that the 2016 Ami-Along has begun, I thought it would be a good idea to bring back the designer interview series and talk to some of the designers involved in the CAL/KAL. If you missed the last interview, make sure you check it out, because it is with Mevlinn, another designer taking part in the Ami-Along!

Today, meet Melissa of Melissa’s Crochet Patterns. You can find her designs on her websiteRavelry, Craftsy, and Etsy. Hope you enjoy learning all about her and her design process.

MelissaTrenadoMe: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Melissa: I am a 29 year old Mom and Wife. I recently started working at a school as a yard teacher, although I am going to pursue going back to school to become a teacher.

Me: When did you start designing amigurumi and why?

Melissa: My first pattern was published November 2011. My daughter really loved My Little Pony and at the time there were no crochet patterns for one so I decided to make one myself. Being a crochet pattern designer has been a lifelong dream though.

Me: You have so many patterns (>150)! With so many now, do you find it difficult to come up with new designs? What inspires you?

Melissa: Absolutely not! I get inspiration from things that I see everywhere, movies and shows I watch with my kids, stuffed animals I see in stores, or sometimes things that just pop into my head.


Me: What is your design process like? Do you sketch out your design first? 

Melissa: Very rarely do I sketch something out. Most of the time I go from what is inside my head.

Me: What is your favourite pattern that you have designed? Why?

Melissa: My current favorite has not been published yet, an ocelot from Minecraft. My son is in love with these cats and has 3 of these stuffed animals. For over a year he carries them wherever he goes. I have been wanting to create a crocheted one, but it took me so long to decide how to do it. Once I finished her I wanted to cry of joy.

Me: What is your most popular pattern?

Melissa: Right now my most popular pattern is BB-8 from Star Wars.


Me: Which of your patterns have surprised you the most in terms of how popular they are?

Melissa: I am surprised how popular my new pattern Baby Bears got so quickly. I made them for some of the kids at the school I work at. I just wanted to make it quick and simple so I had time to make as many as I could.


Me: What is most challenging for you as a designer and creative business owner?

Melissa: Sometimes trying to explain the right way to make a specific crochet pattern can be challenging. Putting things into words can be a little difficult at times.

Me: Any advice for those that are thinking about starting to design themselves?

Melissa: Go for it and never give up! Your first crochet pattern may not be so wonderful, but you have to keep trying. With every crochet pattern you make you will get better and better.

Me: Do you have a tip for those just starting to learn to make amigurumi?

Melissa: I recommend watching some youtube videos, they are extremely helpful. This is actually the way I learned to make amigurumis.


Me: Where can people find out more about you?

Melissa: I am very active in my Ravelry Group, I have Show and Tell Sunday on my Facebook page, or you can send me a message anytime!

Thank you Melissa for sharing your story with us!

If you decide to make some amis using Melissa’s patterns, make sure you enter them into the Ami-Along for your chance to win prizes! It will be running until the end of August 2016.

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